Hotel Management Consulting Services

  1. Hotel Development:
    • Market feasibility review - Discover the new reality of supply and demand trends that will impact your bottom line.
    • Learn how to deliver the proper hotel product to match your market.
    • Brand or Independent – Make the right choice for your goals.

  2. Hotel Strategic Planning:
    • Long term development planning.
    • Full hotel performance planning. The keys to maximizing your revenue and profits.
    • Management company and hotel human capital planning. Finding the best way to maximize your greatest resource: your staff.

  3. Hotel Sales and Marketing Planning:
    • Direct sales strategies and tactics - Discover how to make an impact locally as well as globally.
    • Marketing revenue generation strategies and tactics - Become a well-rounded marketer who can tap into revenue streams through traditional and digital marketing efforts.
    • Social media strategies and tactics - Connect with current and future guests to boost the likelihood of repeat customers and positive online reviews.
    • Revenue management strategies and tactics - Gather the blueprints to successfully making your money work for your business.

  4. Hotel Operations:
    • Service excellence - Get the guide to motivating your employees to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of their guests and builds an incredible company culture.
    • Food and beverage positioning and execution - Discover what data shows your potential guests are looking for in their food and beverage choices.
    • Meetings and event management strategies and tactics - Utilize decades of hotel operations experience to better execute your plan!