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Michael Murphy is a former hotel executive with Renaissance Hotel and Resorts, Marriott International and Choice Hotels International. Experienced in all facets of the hotel industry, he has spent the majority of his career tasked with either entering into troubled assets - assigned to transform them into profitable hotels, or applying his leadership skills to assist in the transformation of major initiatives across leading hotel companies.

Michael has successfully:
  • Assisted in the re-positioning of multiple full-service and limited service hotels - driving them from unprofitable to profitable
  • Led award winning sales and marketing teams - driving record results
  • Successfully integrated brand sales and marketing organizations following major acquisitions
  • Delivered North American brand rev-par growth on-target and on-time
  • Helped lead a major brands sales and marketing organization from hotel centric to customer centric
  • Reinvented and relaunched a global hotel company’s sales organization
  • Repositioned and relaunched an innovative upscale hotel brand driving greater customer experiences while growing the market share, owner profitability and assisting in the building of a strong development pipeline
Michael’s most recent accomplishment, with Asheville’s Eliada Home, was creating a sustainable workforce development program for teens in need. Working with Asheville’s vibrant hotel community leadership to launch the first ever ESTA Program.

After obtaining a BS Degree in Hotel Restaurant Management, from Rochester Institute of Technology, Michael accepted every challenge along the way throughout his career. From Line Cook to Maitre’d, from Housekeeping Director to Front Office Manager, from Sales Manager to Senior Vice President of Sales and completing his successful corporate career as Senior Vice President of Upscale Brands, Michael has obtained a wealth of knowledge with Stouffer Hotels, Renaissance Hotels and Resorts, Marriott Hotels International and Choice Hotels International. Michael is now equipped to join you on your adventurous journey.